Most of us grow up thinking about having children at some point. It can be very difficult to find out that you are unable to have children. It is a process filled with grief. Hopes are lost, and relationships are stressed.

The process of figuring out why you aren’t getting pregnant can be filled with so much stress because of various medical tests and procedures. Sex can become tied to getting pregnant, and you can lose the joy of connecting and the enjoyment of sex. Most couples need support to handle all the stress. Blame can occur when only one person of the couple has a physical difficulty that causes the infertility. I can help you manage this process as individuals and as a couple.



Adoption is an option for becoming parents or adding additional children to your family. It is a process that can be filled with:

  1. Stress in getting connected to an agency or doing all the work yourself—finding a lawyer, preparing all the legal documents, handling the interviews, etc.;
  2. Grief if you are matched and the adoption falls through; and
  3. Joy when the adoption finally happens!

Raising adopted children carries some unique experiences. They may eat differently from you if they have a different blood type. They often like different things and may carry different family patterns. There is some cellular memory, and at some level, they know they aren’t your child even if they haven’t been told they are adopted. When they hit puberty, there can be difficulties.

I know personally of infertility, and I have an adopted child. My husband and I have navigated these issues well as a couple and have worked through things well with our son. I can help you in your process.


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