Parasympathetic Shock Work

Part of the process of healing parasympathetic shock is for you to be in touch with yourself and feel in charge of the process since you lost touch with yourself and you were not in charge when the shock occurred. You need guidance to learn this, and you need someone present with you to fully heal yourself. You cannot do this alone. Your system has learned to distance from others in order to survive, and you have to reset it for calm, safe connection. And safe touch helps to keep you in your body and better grounded.

Recognizing Shock

Have you ever heard a sudden loud sound like an unexpected door slam that made you jump? Then you have experienced sympathetic shock. You go into the fight-or-flight response, and the body immediately gets ready to deal with the threat.  If fight or flight is deemed impossible, then parasympathetic shock occurs. Your system decides that the best move is to play dead and hope you are not noticed so that you can survive. Your system slows down and quiets itself as much as possible.