Parasympathetic Shock Work

To clear deeply held parasympathetic shock from your system, you need the following:

  1. A safe, quiet, low-stimulus environment.
  2. A psychotherapist trained to deal with shock.
  3. To receive gentle touch on your hand, shoulder, knee, or middle back as you breathe out the shock. This helps to calm your body system and ground you. And it teaches you to reconnect in a different way than being in shock.
  4. Intentionally to go into the shock by degrees, clearing as you go.
  5. Repeatedly to check your level of shock. After each exercise or memory or awareness, you need to check your level of shock. The person with you should move closer or further away, depending on your level of shock, moving closer as it goes down. Your level of shock will change repeatedly, and you need to honor the level and what you need at that level with each exercise or awareness. This may include the psychotherapist going outside of the room, but keeping the door open, until you feel safe enough to have him or her enter.

Part of the process of healing is for you to be in touch with yourself and feel in charge of the process since you lost touch with yourself and you were not in charge when the shock occurred. You need guidance to learn this, and you need someone present with you to fully heal yourself. You cannot do this alone. Your system has learned to distance from others in order to survive, and you have to reset it for calm, safe connection. And safe touch helps to keep you in your body and better grounded.

You can do regressions to the time and place where the shock occurred. I recommend doing this with a therapist that has done his or her own shock work. A psychotherapist with this experience can monitor and help you into and out of the process and make sure that you don’t go so far into the shock that there is no healing and is just retriggering of the shock. You need clear time constraints and warnings of how much time is left along the way. You also need to have time (10 minutes at least) to come out of the shock as completely as you can before you leave the office. People who may decompensate should not do this work until they have the ability to deal with their life in the current time without falling apart.