Grounding and Shielding Using Imagery

In order to manage the energy from other people, it can be helpful to do grounding and shielding.


Place both of your feet on the ground. Imagine you have roots that grow out of the bottom of your feet and go down into the earth. They spread out in a beautiful network and go as deep as you need them to go. They allow you to draw healthy, healing energy from the earth. Imagine that you can do that right now. They are magical so they move with you as you move, and they don’t tangle with anyone else’s roots.

Set Your Shield

Imagine a bubble that totally surrounds you (top, bottom, and every side) at about arm’s length or a little more. Decide how the edge of the bubble looks: Is it clear, opaque, solid, or colored? Does the color change like the edge of a real bubble? How thick is the bubble’s edge—a thin shield, really thick and firm, like a force field, etc.?

Energy Exchange Settings

  1. Decide what energy will enter your bubble—joy, positive attitude and behaviors, peace, etc.
  2. Decide what energy from others your shield will block—negative words, attitude, or behavior, depression, anger, fear, over-energy, etc. Certain energy can cause your bubble to intensify or become thicker or more firm or do whatever you need it to do.
  3. Decide what the energy will do that is coming at you:
    • Go back to the individual sending it because it is theirs to deal with and learn from;
    • Ground you because it may intensify the other’s reaction;
    • Transform to an energy that anyone can use safely. This is more advanced work that should not be done until you have the ability to do the first two. It can drain your energy and fatigue you.
  4. I have a personal black hole like the ones in space, and I can send whatever energy I want there.

You need to practice grounding and shielding many times a day until you can think “ground and shield” and it will immediately come into place. Eventually, you won’t have to think about it at all, and it will continue to be there.

If you can’t set your shield, you likely need help to weave one. You can also become disconnected from your bubble or your grounding and need help to reconnect to it.

Contact me for an appointment if you need help.