Almost all of us deal with depression at some time in our lives. It can be a family pattern, or it can be due to a specific situation or other physical issues. Often medication is used, and that is a good temporary measure, but it does not resolve the underlying issues. Sometimes people need hospitalization if it is severe.

If you don’t want to use medications or you are ready to deal with the underlying issues that brought on the depression, therapy can be the best help. I will not only explore the emotional aspects but sort out the possible physical pieces as well.

These are some things to consider and check on to see if they are factors involved in your depression. They include:

  1. Vitamin D3 level – especially for those in the Pacific Northwest where we can experience so many rainy, dull days. Ask your physician to have your vitamin D3 level checked.
  2. Side effects of other medications – check online or with your pharmacist about the effects of any medications you may be taking. Some affect certain hormone levels, and most unbalance your system in some way.
  3. Sleep deprivation – many people have sleep issues at some time. They can be related to a number of factors including:
    • Diet
    • Anxiety
    • Sinus issues
    • Orthodontia, cranial, neck, or jaw issues
    • Pillow height or use
    • Menopause

I can help you sort out the factors that may be affecting you and direct you to other professionals you may need. There is a lot we can do with behavioral and family systems therapy. If you are open to using mind and body modalities, we can usually shift minor to moderate depression, even if there are physical issues that compound the depression.