Here are the forms I need you to read and fill out prior to our first meeting.

Please read the Notice of Privacy Practices before we meet, as I will have you sign a form before we can legally begin that states you have read and understand them. 

Please print out the Client Information, Disclosure, Financial Disclosure, and Medical Information forms and bring them with you filled out to our first meeting. If you have the software to fill these out on your computer, please use a medium blue font for your answers so that I can find your information more easily.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.


Please read this
before your
first appointment

Select the one form
at right that best aligns
to your situation.

Fill out this form for the
individual who will be
the focus of our work

Please read these before
your first appointment
and note any questions


Your first session will typically be 90 minutes, so that we can go over all the forms and I can gather enough information and history to know we are a good match and to begin our work together. When I work with children, I usually meet with the  parent(s)/guardian(s) first to gather history. Then I meet with the child and have a parent/guardian present for most or all of the sessions. With teens, I have parents come periodically to discuss issues with their teen. 

When I work with those who have inductive reasoning issues, I do the following:

  • Couples: I alternate a session with the couple, a session with the person who has IRI, a session with the spouse/partner, and another session with the person who has IRI.
  • Teens: I break the session into three parts, one for teen, one for parent/guardian, and one for all together with each part lasting 15-20 minutes.