We all have experienced grief and loss in our life at various times. You may have lost your parent, spouse/partner, child or beloved pet.  Maybe you have lost a part of your body to disease or cancer.  With our economic times you may have lost your job or home.  Perhaps your spouse/partner or child just got diagnosed and you are grieving what you thought would come in your life in that relationship.  We all need support and help through the grief process and the adjustment to change that life brings us.

Most of us grew up without a good understanding of what is involved in the grief process. Many of us learned a lot from Kubler Ross about it, but she was dealing with those who are dying. There are some different behaviors for those who continue to live including Searching Behavior. I like to educate my clients about grief since most people think of grief as being sad. But there is also anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, searching behavior, identification, etc. that are also a part of grieving. Understanding grief can be a relief to you and you can track your progress through your grief.

Many of us got messages that certain feelings or behaviors were not OK to experience and/or express in our family. When that happens, those feelings and the tensions related to them build in our body and mind because they don’t get released. This creates dis-ease and eventually disease in our body. You can learn to access those feelings and release them appropriately so that your body can fully relax and heal itself and you can become a healthier and happier person.

If you are interested in understanding and working through the grief process, please contact me.