Most of us have some kind of health issue. I grew up with lots of allergies. I tried traditional medical treatments, as well as explored and used different healing modalities on myself. I have cleared enough things emotionally and physically so that I rarely deal with allergies now.

Our body, mind, and spirit are all connected and affect one another. If you have an issue in one area, it will affect the others. I can help you explore what may be the underlying causes of your health issue(s).

When you have had a trauma or shock and you haven’t had the support you need to deal with the emotions involved, then you keep the resulting tension stored somewhere in your body. This dis-ease can become disease over time. We can make a plan together to address your feelings and body tension. It may include using mind and body modalities, along with behavioral and family systems work. And I may refer you to those who have training in other modalities such as cranial sacral work, homeopathies, or naturopathics for supplements. I believe there is also a place for regular (allopathic) medicine in combination with what I do.

If you have tried traditional medical treatments without much success, I encourage you to consider alternative methods.

Please contact me with any questions or to determine if this mode of therapy will be helpful to you.