My specialty is in working with those who have inductive reasoning issues (IRI) and in training others who work those who have IRI and their families. You find IRI in autism, Asperger’s, social communication disorder, and ADD. You may also find it when someone has anxiety, social phobia, ADHD, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, reactive attachment disorder, bipolar, or a narcissism diagnosis.

We have an ever-increasing number of children with these diagnoses. As a society, we need to be able to understand them and help them survive and even thrive in the world.

I offer

  • Individual, couple, and family therapy for those with a family member who has IRI
  • Consultation for therapists working with those who have IRI
  • Speaking on IRI
  • Teaching about IRI
  • Time-limited parenting groups at my location or yours

I wrote a book, Inside the Mind: Understanding and Communicating with Those Who Have Autism, Asperger’s, Social Communication Disorder, and ADD. It’s designed to teach people about IRI so that those of us who can do inductive reasoning can help those who struggle with it. And I wrote it for those who have it so they can better understand themselves.

I also have a series of short videos that provide some insight into inductive reasoning issues.