I believe that parenting is probably the hardest task anyone takes in life. It’s a constantly changing experience as our child or children grow. And each child is very different. We do not get a manual when we have or adopt a baby. We have to learn what works for each child as he or she is growing up. Now add to the mix the fact that each parent grew up with different styles of parenting and with different issues based on how he or she was raised. Wow! That makes parenting a complicated process.

I can help parents/couples look at their family of origin issues around parenting and help each individual resolve hurts or unfinished business with his or her own parents. This allows you to be free to choose the parenting style you want with your own child or children, instead of just reacting or repeating what was done to you.

Understanding the developmental stages that children go through is vitally important for knowing what type of response your child needs in order to grow and develop well. I help you to understand what your child needs at different stages, as well as parenting styles and their impacts.

All parents need support and help at some time in the process of raising their child or children. I encourage you to talk to other parents about what they experience so you don’t feel alone and you get a sense of what is common for children at different stages. At times, you will find it difficult to change how you react to your child or children, and then I can help.

I’ve taught parenting classes using Clarke’s book, Self-Esteem: A Family Affair, and would be happy to offer classes for groups that are interested.


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