When we struggle to reward ourselves with compliments, support, or other ways of acknowledging what is good about ourselves, we often use food. Most of us learned to reward ourselves with food, especially sweets. Learning other ways to reward and appreciate ourselves can help.

At times you may eat to avoid your feelings. Getting support to learn to deal with your feelings in healthy ways is important.

When we feel depressed we often use chocolate to increase our endorphin levels. This can also lead to gaining weight we may not want or keeping our system so hyped that we struggle to retain or gain weight. For those with O blood type, you may really struggle with this because most chocolate contains dairy, and dairy is something you may struggle to digest.

Those who have the fight-or-flight reflex on a lot (such as those with ADHD) often struggle to retain weight. Learning to turn off that reflex and relax can really help your system to retain the weight that you want. Mind and body modalities work well for this.

For some, you have learned to hate food and can benefit from exploring the reasons and change your relationship to food.

Sometimes we struggle with our body image and may treat our body harshly by not eating or eating and then throwing up. This can cause dental, stomach, and/or esophageal issues. Again, looking at the underlying issues that created that struggle can help.

Sometimes we eat or don’t eat, and we don’t know why. Having someone help you explore the possible reasons can be helpful.

Food is vital to our survival, so we can’t stop eating. And we have to eat enough of the correct foods for our body to stay healthy. I’ve studied a lot about what the body and brain need, and I can help you understand your body’s needs and change your relationship to food. I often share blood-type food lists, so you can see what foods may be really good for you and what foods you may struggle to digest.

Digestion issues are common with those who have autism, Asperger’s, ADD, or ADHD. We can discuss how to evaluate that, and I can refer you to other professionals that understand, test, and treat those issues.

Contact me if you want help to explore and deal with eating or weight issues.